My Sunny Maad TRILOBIT Award and upcoming nominations MY SUNNY MAAD by Michaela Pavlátová received the Trilobit Award from the Film and Television Associaton and has four nominations for the Czech Lion Award and three nominations for the Czech Film Critics Awards. see more René - the Prisoner of Freedom World premiere of the new documentary film by director Helena Třeštíková took place at IDFA - one of the world's most prestigious documentary film festivals. The film begins with the premiere of René - received the European Film Award for Best Documentary - and the ensuing storm of media attention. see more Martin and the Magical Forest Coming soon to cinemas A holiday adventure from a summer camp by Petr Oukropec, the director of the film Blue Tiger. The family film reveals the secrets of our forests, where magical creatures of various shapes and sizes hide. Grass men, flying blackberry witches, a family of fighting cones and whole living trees. Together with the children from the camp, an important task awaits them. see more ANNY In cinemas "I walk the walk for twenty years, got gravy less and less." Helena Třeštíková's latest time-lapse documentary, which follows the story of the aging prostitute Anny, is screened in cinemas. see more